11 Shenani-mazing Things You Can Do On Shenanigan’s Day

1. Square off against your coworkers in gladiator pit

shenanigans day gladiator pit

2. Do an egg race… on a hoverboard

shenanigans day egg race

3. Lip sync – Battle to the Beat

4. Spread holiday cheer by inviting this guy over

5. Organize a fundraiser for a worthy cause

6. Shave a mohawk into someone’s head

7. Send Shenani-boxes of presents to clients and companions

shenanigans day presents

8. Stir up some competition and cocktails

shenanigans day shuffleboard competition

9. Celebrate your company and colleagues by indulging in a plethora of treats

shenanigans day cookies

10. Decorate your office prior to the Shenani-start!

11. Dress the part! Look your best and keep it fresh

shenanigans day costumes

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